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I am presently working on this project, so please bear with me and check back for updates.


This is the homepage of Jan Thøgersen, Denmark

I collect historical products from the well known Danish Super Brand Bang & Olufsen - only the real old ones !

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I spent a lot of time in Berlin in the 1980´s and took many, many photographs there - especially of the dreaded Wall.

I also made a slide show that I toured around with about the Wall and the impact it had on the people who had to live with it every day - mostly on the Western side though...

Check it out !

Come with me into my living room and take a look at our Family Aquarium with all its colorful inhabitants in the form of tropical fish and shrimps, plants and rocks


I am an avid Amateur Radio Operator, especially in the field of Ham Radio Contesting.

My Call Sign is OZ1ADL on the Air

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